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Start the day to something delicious



Since Captain Grant's first opened its doors in 1995, a FULL COUNTRY BREAKFAST has been served family style.

Our morning meal has been lauded on TRIP ADVISOR as well as several other sites. You eat until you are full.

We have many different meals that we can prepare so that you don't have the same meal day after day. Here is a sampling of what we serve.

Each breakfast starts with Coffee, Tea and Hot Cocoa set out by 7:30 am in the summer and 8:00 am in the winter. There are also Juices at every meal and homemade Jams at every savory meal.

We can accommodate any diet.

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Ted's Bacon Breakfast:

We start with a bowl of fresh Fruit. For the next course we bring out our Bacon fried crisp under bacon presses followed by Ted's famous American Fries and Cheddar Cheese Eggs. There is a variety of Toast and unique homemade Jams for you to sample.

Carol's French Toast:

Juice and Coffee are followed by French Toast which is rolled in crushed corn flakes and then fried on a grill. Real Maple Syrup as well as a Fruit Compote are served to accompany the French toast. Our compotes are either fried Apples or Peaches, Blueberries with Whipped Cream or Warm Strawberry Rhubarb. Either Ham or Sausage as well as Cream Cheese Eggs make this a delicious meal.

The Southern Breakfast:

This breakfast also starts with a bowl of fresh Fruit and Juice. Ted starts at 6 am boiling the Corned Beef until tender. This is made into a divine homemade Corned Beef Hash. It is accompanied by old fashioned Grits and our cute Eggs that are topped with chives and fresh dill. Baskets of grilled English Muffins complete this meal along with our homemade Jams.

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