Home and Garden Television (HGTV)

“If Walls Could Talk”, January 2002.

Six minutes of fame featuring discoveries, including a second half of a staircase, while renovating Captain Grant’s. The show has been aired eight times and will likely be on again

CNN Headline News

October 31st, 2003, 7:10pm.

Captain Grant’s was cited as being one of the best places to stay if you would like to encounter a ghost.

A&E's "Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal"

Captain Grants first aired on January 19th 2010

USA Today

“10 great places to get in bed with a ghost” Friday, October 31, 2003.

Excerpt: “Be prepared for strange knocks at your door at unexpected hours. Guests who stay in the Adelaide Room are likely to have contact with the mysterious woman and her two children who once lived at the inn, built in 1754.”

YANKEE New England's Magazine

Captain Grant's has been named "Best of New England/Editors' Choice". We will be in the annual Travel Guide issue coming out in May, 2010


September, 2002. “HAPPY TRAILS Four romantic getaways she’s always dreamed of and what’s in it for you.”

Excerpt: “Try Captain Grant’s ( 800 – 982 - 1772 or in Poquetanuck, Conn. She’ll like ye olde historic charme: you’ll like the two casinos.”

Bottom Line

June 1st, 2004 “Haunted bed-and-breakfasts.”

Excerpt: “Captain Grant’s Inn, Poquetanuck, Connecticut where strange knocks are reported at odd hours, 800-982-1772.”

The Dolphin

(Newspaper of the Naval Submarine Base, New London) “Miami returns from regularly scheduled deployment”, Thursday, February 19, 2004.”

Excerpt: “Zenker learned he would receive the traditional first kiss upon returning to Groton, as well as a special gift which he never expected – a free night at Captain Grant’s Bed and Breakfast in Poquetanuck.”

Norwich Bulletin

“Inn Provides Scenic View”, Friday, January 11, 2002.

Excerpt: “A full-length mural gives guests at the Poquetanuck bed and breakfast a glimpse into the past. Artist, Eric Hinze, finishes 85 feet of floor to ceiling mural of Poquetanuck Cove at Captain Grant’s bed and breakfast.”

Norwich Bulletin Communique

December 1998 and twice in December 1999

Captain Grant’s was chosen by the Norwich Bulletin to represent the Bed and Breakfast Community in their publication of the upcoming Bed and Breakfast Holiday Tour.

Norwich Bulletin

“Capt. Grant’s B&B turns 250 years old today” Friday, February 13, 2004.

Excerpt: “Everyday, Carol walks through the town as it existed centuries ago. Standing at the top of a seven-and-a-half foot wide oak staircase, she is surrounded by a mural depicting 19th century Preston.

The Walsh County Record

Grafton ND. January 2002.

Excerpt: Former Minto graduate restores and operates successful bed and breakfast. Memories of North Dakota remain with Connecticut woman.